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Mazda Miata

Mazda Miata

The Best Miata Wind Deflector
Perfect for Miatas with roll-hoops incompatible with deck-mounted windscreens.


• Constructed of durable nylon.

• This Mazda Miata windscreen will not scratch or tear like mesh wind deflectors.

• Able to fold the seat forward with the windscreen remaining in-place for rear deck access.

• The windscreen remains on your Mazda Miata with the top-up.

• Installation requires no tools, and no drilling.

• Able to accomdate different seat positions.

• Wind deflector is guaranteed against tearing.

• Double stitched for extra strength.

• This wind deflectors attaches onto the roll hoop of your Mazda Miata against the length of your roll bar that will take your car as fast as you want to go.

• Can still use the boot cover.

• Can be used in weather from 0-120 degrees.

• This windscreen does not cause any sort of wear, or cause any scuffing, against your roll hoops.

• Wind deflector does not vibrate, staying securely in place.

Mazda Miata Windscreen / Wind Deflector


• Constructed of durable nylon. Extra tough nylon resists tears and cuts; very durable material.

• Double stitched with nylon thread.

• No nighttime glare.

• No drilling required; no permanent modifications.

• Does not rub against the car, no abrasion against the roll hoops.

• Material doesn’t yellow or fade in direct sunlight. The original color maintains.

Windscreen FAQ:

Q: Can the seats be in different positions with the windscreen installed?
A: Yes, both the seat track positions and the seat inclination levels can be set separately. The front seat passengers can be over a foot different in height, set the seat to their most individual comfortable position, and this windblocker fully fits and function.

Q: Can the seats be folded forward?
A: Yes, there is enough play in the fabric, such that one, or both, seats can be folded. For instance, you’ll have no problem reaching into the rear deck area.

Q: How is the windscreen cleaned?
A: With mild soap and water.

Q: Do the headrests need to positioned upright?
A: No, they do not.

Q: What tools are needed to install the wind deflector?
A: None! The windblocker takes about two minutes to install

Q: Is there a trial period?
A: Yes, there is a 30 day trial period. If for any reason you are not pleased with the windblocker, then return the product for refund.

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