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Ford Thunderbird

Ford Thunderbird

Windscreen for Your Ford Thunderbird

Seven reasons why this mesh windscreen the best wind deflector for your Ford Thunderbird

1.Made of nylon reinforced mesh. The mesh is highest grade, constructed of nylon thread rated at 250 pounds of force. Material resists gouges, rips, and tears.

2. Blocks significant turbulence.

3. Retain easy access to the rear deck. Very easily to reach back.

4. Able to accommodate different front seat positions and settings. Riders of different heights can independently set their seats.

5. Double stitched with nylon thread.

6. Heavy thread count vinyl; dense material for extra durability and wear.

7. Best fit superficially for your Mustang

Seven reasons why this mesh wind deflector outperforms acrylic windscreens.

1. Optimally located closest to the head, for best wind blocking performance and turbulence reduction.

2. Light weight, weighs less than one pound.

3. Easiest to install – just slips onto the head rests.

4. No reflection or glare from nighttime headlights.

5. Much easier to handle.

6. No risk of scratching.

7. Does not wiggle about; windscreen stays securely in place while driving.

Benefits: Features:
Prevents unrelenting wind buffeting and driver fatigue. Windblocker remains in place with the top-up. Do not need to take off while raising and lowering the top.
Preserves the back seat for your passengers. Arrive with your hair in place and free of tangles, especially long hair. Wives are the biggest fans of my products.
Talk clearly on your cell phone Off-and-on in seconds with simple installation;does not permanently mount through screws or other labor some attachment mechanisms.
Carry on conversations with your passenger without straining your voice Manufactured in the USA
Enjoy the full richness and clarity of your stereo Tightest grip for no rattling and zero movement.& Windblocker never moves about when in use, eliminating problem side-effects of other windblockers. Other windstop models vibrate in use, producing noise-induced chattering and long-term wear & abrasion against the car.
Take long trips comfortably Does not fade in the sun. Continual exposure does not fade the product.
Cruise at night without freezing from cold drafts Compact, folds up easily for storage.
Clear, no visual impedance, especially at dusk. Does not whistle. No sounds emits at any speed.
A much quieter cockpit. You’ll be able to hear yourself think again Remains snug at three digits speeds. This windscreen will remain in place as fast as you can drive your car.
Cleans easily with soap and water. All weather material. Can be used in any degree of weather; material rated for -30 degrees to 125 degrees (-35 to 52 degrees Celsius.)

Windscreen FAQ:

Q: Can the seats be in different positions with the windscreen installed?
A: Yes, both the seat track positions and the seat inclination levels can be set separately. The front seat passengers can be over a foot different in height, set the seat to their most individual comfortable position, and this windblocker fully fits and function.

Q: Is it difficult to see through the mesh?
A: No, it’s not. It’s like looking through a screen door.

Q: How is the windscreen cleaned?
A: With mild soap and water.

Q: Do the headrests need to positioned upright?
A: No, they do not.

Q: What tools are needed to install the wind deflector?
A: None! The windblocker takes about one minute to install.

Q: Is there a trail period?
A: Yes, there is a 30 day trial period. If for any reason you are not pleased with the windblocker, then return the product for refund.

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