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Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang

This windscreen fits the Mustang ’05-’12 Standard Interior and the Mustang ’11-’14 Premium Interior

The Best Ford Mustang Windscreen – Wind Deflector – Windblocker

Free storage pouch included

What a Windscreen Means To You
• Eliminate windy backdrafts

• Keep your hair in place. No longer need to wrap long hair in a pony tail or poking through a baseball cap.

• Significantly reduce cabin noise.

• Helps maintain cabin temperature, on both hot and cool days.

• Talk on your blue tooth device.

• Able to hear your cell phone ring at normal volume.

• Chat with the person next to you without raising your voice.

• Reduce driving fatigue, no longer feel beat up by the backdraft.

• Hear your stereo at normal volume levels.

The Nylon Advantage: Zefferus windscreen material is constructed of nylon, an extremely strong and durable material used in strength critical applications, such as climbing ropes. Nylon best resists tearing and gouges, outperforming and outlasting wind deflectors constructed of cheaper material.

Nylon Material for the Mustang Windscreen Fiberglass Tear
Close-up of nylon. We replaced this wind deflector from a customer who purchased it from a different vendor, constructed of fiberglass. The customer’s four year old daughter jabbed an action figure into the windscreen, tearing the material
Rope Tear on Mustang Wind Deflector
Example of nylon application Example of the class of tear that occurs on non-nylon material, when exceeding strength limit.
• Highest quality, constructed of durable nylon.

• This Ford Mustang wind deflector will not scratch or tear like other mesh wind deflectors in the markeplace.

• Retains rear seat access.

• Rear seat passengers can still give in-and-out of your Mustang with the windscreen in place

• The windscreen remains on your Ford Mustang with the top-up.

• Installation requires no tools, and no drilling.

• 30 day money back guarantee

• Wind deflector is guaranteed against tearing.

• Double stitched for extra strength

• Made of UV protected material; color will not fade in the sunlight

• Windblocker does not vibrate, stays securely in place

• Can be used in weather from 0-120 degrees

Windscreen FAQ:

Q: Can the seats be in different positions with the windscreen installed?
A: Yes, both the seat track positions and the seat inclination levels can be set separately. The front seat passengers can be over a foot different in height, set the seat to their most individual comfortable position, and this windblocker fully fits and function.

Q: Can the seats be folded forward, to allow backseat passengers to get in-and-out?
A: Yes, there is enough play in the fabric, such that one, or both, seats can be folded. For instance, you’ll have no problem getting your kids in-and-out of the rear seat.

Q: How is the windscreen cleaned?
A: With mild soap and water.

Q: Do the headrests need to positioned upright?
A: No, they do not.

Q: What tools are needed to install the wind deflector?
A: None! The windblocker takes about two minutes to install

Q: Is there a trail period?
A: Yes, there is a 30 day trial period. If for any reason you are not pleased with the windblocker, then return the product for refund.

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